Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Recipe Boxes to Jazz Up Any Kitchen

decoupages wood recipe box

Yesterday we looked at recipe binders and journals - but what if you prefer a box?

If you want one of the lovely recipe boxes from Laurie at Gifts and Talents, you'll need to wait six weeks - but she promises it's worth that wait! The boxes themselves are handmade, and then they're decoupaged with scrapbooking paper - and then coated with Mod Podge. Each is one of a kind. [photo used with permission]

wood recipe box

If you'd prefer a wood recipe box with no embellishment - just some gorgeous wood - you can head over to Winfield Woodworks, which makes boxes in 10 different woods. There's a double-wide box, too.

recipe box, no lid, cute dividers

Rfrantzdesign asks "Why hide your recipe cards when they are so beautiful?" These recipe boxes come with 12 dividers and 75 cards.

recipe box with letterpress cards

OneCanoeTwo also has an open recipe box - the better to show off the letterpress recipe cards. The set includes the box, eight tabs, and 42 cards - and more cards are sold separately. [via Tanna Clark at Complete Organizing Solutions]

recipe box robot

And for something very different, look at the recipe box robots from Heavy Metal Milkman. Update on Feb. 24, 2014: I'm not longer finding these recipe boxes on the Heavy Metal Milkman website.

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Cynthia Friedlob said...

I like the decoupaged box with the little birds on it!

These posts about recipe boxes are making me feel guilty about not cooking as much as I did in the past. But maybe I'll get lucky and the guilt will motivate me to start cooking again and improve our less-than-ideal eating habits!

genevieve said...

Oh, wow, 1canoe2!!! I've been following you for a long time, and live in the same town as the 1canoe2 girls, and it is SO COOL to see you mention them! Their stuff is so great.

I saw them work their letterpress at a December holiday bazaar, and it was COOL.