Thursday, February 24, 2011

4 Staplers to Brighten Up Any Office

Pac-Man style stapler

A Pac-Man inspired stapler? Yes, indeed! While the Stap-Man stapler from Propaganda was originally available in just white and black (and you can still get it in those colors), it's now available in yellow, too. [via Retro to Go and GeekAlerts]

stapler designed to look like a shark biting

Propaganda is also the source for the Shark Bite! stapler, available in your choice of three colors from Panik Design and Zucker Online.

yellow stapler

For something much more conventional-looking, there's the Anything stapler - also available in a range of colors. It's sold many places online, including Rare Device and Velocity Art and Design. Update on Feb. 13, 2014: This stapler is no longer sold at Rare Device, and Velocity Art and Design has closed — but you can find it at See Jane Work, The Dwell Store, AllModern, and other sites.

stapler, yellow

And finally, there's this Italian stapler sold by Present&Correct, available in six different colors. P&C says these staplers are "used in offices all over Italy." Update on April 30, 2012: This stapler comes from Ellepi, and is also sold by Jasper Morrison.

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Barbara@BabyBloggingBoomer said...

Jeri, you know just the kind of things that brighten my desk and make a long day a little better.

Janet Barclay said...

These are so fun and would definitely be a mood lifter, especially during the winter blahs.