Saturday, August 22, 2009

Woodworking Gallery in Half Moon Bay: Stunning Storage and Other Organizing Products

shell box

I've been admiring the many lovely wood items at Gallery M for ages now - and have bought some smaller items. It's a gallery dedicated to high-quality woodworking, carrying the work of many different artisans. So I don't know why I never thought of featuring the many storage options available at this remarkable store until I walked into the place on Friday.

Owner Andreas Strieve was kind enough to send me some great photos - so you'll be seeing a combination of my snapshots and his much better photos.

wood trunk or hope chest

There are a number of stunning furniture pieces, such as this hope chest - as well as various chests of drawers, and nightstands, and desks with drawers.

charging station, wood

charging station, wood

But I'm going to mostly focus on the smaller items. One that really caught my eye was the charging station, which handles five items. The one I saw cost $149. It comes in a number of different woods, as you can see.

jewelry box, closed

And then there are the beautiful wood jewelry boxes.

jewelry box, open

The interiors are lovely, too!

jewelry box, open

This one doesn't look like much when it's closed - it's just a wood cube. But when it's opened - oh my!

small wood boxes

You can get small boxes, like these.

jewelry chest closed

jewelry chest open

Or a large jewelry chest, like this one.

And it's not just about how beautiful these are, but also how well-made - something you can't convey through pictures on the web.

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BigSis said...

These are stunning, Jeri! I especially love the unfolding cube and the jewelry chest. BTW, I was looking for an email for you the other day and couldn't find one. I wanted to tell you that we linked to you on our back-to-school organizing post on August 20th. Check it out!

Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

These are beautiful pieces. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful piece made too. Check it out here:

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm so glad you liked these pieces, BigSis and Jacki - they really are stunning in person!

And BigSis, thanks so much for the kind words on your blog.

mario@bathroom vanity sink tops said...

Hand made stuff is a rarity we find only in museums (and in places like your site). It's a real therapy for the soul.

People should live surrounded by hand made articles, there would be much less stress in the world.

Industrial age seems to be coming to a slow end, maybe better quality of life, including more time doing things by hand might follow.

Jeri Dansky said...

Mario, I just checked, and I have something handmade in every room of my house. I agree it makes for nicer place to be!