Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Magnetic Boards in a Multitude of Styles

Union Jack magnetic board

Prefer a magnet board to a bulletin board, a memo board or a chalk board? Let's look at some of your options - starting with this Union Jack magnetic notice board.

round red magnetic board

You could go for a simple round magnet board - in eye-catching red. (Those magnets - in your choice of four colors - are sold separately.)

round magnetic board

Or maybe you'd prefer a not-so-simple round magnetic board. Update on Sept. 5, 2010: These came from Oliblock, and it seems they are no longer being sold.

bakery magnet board

This Old Bakery magnet board is made from recycled metal. Update on Feb. 20, 2011: Or so said the site I originally found it on - which no longer sells this item. The site I've now found it on doesn't indicate if it's recycled metal or not.

striped magnetic board

The Macbeth Collection has magnetic boards in well over 100 designs.

perforated magnetic board, pegboard style

This magnetic board has a pegboard-style design lets you use hooks and other accessories. Update on Sept. 5, 2010: Topdeq is no longer selling its products in the United States, but it does sell in many European countries. I've linked to the French site, but there are a number of others.

magnetic board

And then there are the magnetic boards available from a number of Etsy sellers, all of whom offer a number of patterns, and many of whom provide matching magnets - sometimes included, sometimes for an extra fee. This magnetic board comes from Design4u. Update on Feb. 20, 2011: I'm no longer seeing magnetic boards at this site.

fabric magnetic board

This fabric magnet board comes from Stick To It.

paisley magnetic board

Magnetic Memories makes fabric-covered magnetic boards in four sizes. Update on Sept. 5, 2010: This Etsy shop no longer exists.

fabric covered magnet board

Here's a magnet board from TootsbeeZ. Update on Sept. 5, 2010: This Etsy shop no longer exists.

lovely fabric magnetic board

And finally, there are the many lovely magnetic boards from Steel Dreaming Design.

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Other Options: Hardenbrook Studio makes some lovely magnet boards, which come with magnets that match the theme of the board. You can get many of them through Elizabeth's Embellishments. Unfortunately, the pictures of the boards have a copyright notice, so I can't include a picture here.


Pook said...

Some of these are SO cute! I still like the simple, narrow ones though:

Works well in a small office or workstation.

I have a larger, square perforated version at home from Hold Everything. I still miss that store!

Pook said...

Not sure how to add html I guess!


This is the link I tried to add.

Jeri Dansky said...

Pook, here's an active link to that simple narrow magnet board.

[To make an active link in Blogger comments, you need to know enough html to add an href tag. I wish it were otherwise.]

And I miss Hold Everything, too. I got some very nice things there - some of which I've never seen elsewhere. Here's an article about the closing.