Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bulletin Boards: Making Cork Look Captivating

bulletin board shaped like man and woman

Interested in an unusual bulletin board? Meet Corky - one of the coolest bulletin boards I've seen. [via Green Your Decor] Update on March 18, 2013: The store selling these says they have been discontinued, so when the store's stock is gone, that's it!

cork board

But maybe you'd like a different shape. The Kubis cork board is another nice option. Update on March 13, 2013: I'm no longer finding this product, which came from NuOp Design.

tackboards (bulletin boards) shaped like puzzle pieces

For even more fun choices, head over to Tackboards Unlimited, where you can get boards shaped like a puzzle piece, a thought bubble, a cat, a dog bone and more. And as you can see, if you get multiple puzzle pieces, you can interlock them.

round cork board, blue wood frame

But maybe a traditional shape is fine with you, but you'd still like some added flair. Then you might want to look at the cork boards from Russell & Mackenna, where you can get the frame in any of their 33 colors. Update on March 18, 2013: Russell & Mackenna is now Maine Cottage.

paisley fabric bulletin board

Or maybe you'd like one of the bulletin boards from Tara's Closet, sold on Tara's Etsy shop. There's a range of fabrics to choose from.

damask notice board

And finally, here's an elegant damask notice board from Cox & Cox. [via The Handwork Chronicles] Update on March 18, 2013: I'm no longer this product at Cox & Cox.

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Louise said...

Our cork bulletin board isn't nearly as cute as these, but we do use it specifically to reduce clutter.

We collect lapel pins in our travels and display them on the cork board. I throw away the back clutch. The pins are colorful reminders of places we've been, and they lie flat and organized on the board.

Photo on this post:
We have many, many more pins now and the board is getting pretty full!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i've been saving my wine corks for a DIY message board... only a few hundred more bottles to go! :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, what a good idea! A lapel pin is about the smallest memento I can imagine, and you can display them all in very little space.

Thrifty Stylist, that seems to be an expensive and time-consuming way to make a cork board - but a lot of fun along the way!