Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stacking the Pans - Safely

pan protectors

Do you have pans - some with coatings - that you store by stacking them one within another? Do you worry about scratching the coating?

You can use all sorts of common items to protect the pans: paper plates, paper towels, dish towels, bubble wrap, pieces of shelf liner.

Or you could use the pan protectors shown above - also available here. [via Kitchen Critic]

set of 3 pan protectors

W. James also has pan protectors, in sets of three different sizes. There are three patterns to choose from.

cookware covers

Another option is the one-size-fits-all Protect A Pan cookware covers.

pan protector, chicken pattern

It's Kitsch also sells pan protectors, which come in a number of sizes and patterns: chickens, cats, sunflowers, chili peppers, etc.

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Tanna Clark said...

We use paper plates between our pans, however I like some of these ideas much better!

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm also using paper plates right now, Tanna!

Louise said...

We use something similar to the first photo. They are made of thin foam in the shape of flower petals. Since our pots and pans are subjected to constant vibration and movement in our RV, we needed something that really worked, and these do! No scratches or damage to any of our cooking items.

Monica said...

Jeri, I recently pulled some styrofoam packing material out of a package, cut it into roughly 6x6 rectangles and that's what I use between my non-stick pans. Works like a charm!

I'm thinking you could also use round or square quilted pot holders too.


Jeri Dansky said...

Monica, thanks for commenting and sharing those great options!

Anonymous said...

Many things will work, but dishtowels and napkins etc. cost money and look sloppy, why not give a little business to the inventors of the world and ad some real clean style to the kitchen or RV at the same time. These products all look equally functional and some are cute. Thanks for the info. this is a real need.

Laura said...

I have some of the pan protectors from It's Kitch. The advantage is that they cover the whole pan and protect the edges as well as the inside surface. They are very easy to slip on and off and really look nice.

Jeri Dansky said...

Laura, thanks for commenting - it's always great to hear from someone who has the product! I'm glad they're working out well for you!