Thursday, August 6, 2009

Napkin Holders: Not Just for Napkins

beautiful wood napkin holders

Napkin holders can hold more than just napkins; as Real Simple points out, they can also work just fine for holding the bills. If you'd like something out of the ordinary, take a look at these beautiful napkin holders from Bradford Woodworking. Update on Nov. 22, 2014: I'm no longer finding these napkin holders on the Bradford Woodworking website.

wood napkin holder

And here's a very different wood napkin holder.

wood napkin holder; says there's no place like home

And for another totally different look - still staying with wood - there's The Kozy Nook, which currently has 48 artwork designs shown on its web site.

pottery napkin holder

If you'd prefer a pottery option, you might look at the napkin holders from Canyon Creek Studios.

porcelain napkin holder

Or maybe you'd like porcelain. I'm not seeing a lot in the current fine china designs, beyond the Butterfly Meadow pattern from Lenox - but sometimes you can find some nice older pieces. The one above is the Coastal Breeze pattern from Sakura; it comes from Replacements, Ltd.

Wrought Iron Adirondack Chairs Napkin Holder

Wrought iron is another option. Lots of these napkin holders have animal designs (bears, cats, cows, dogs, horses - even flamingos) but there are also other choices.

aluminum napkin holder

You can get nice aluminum or stainless steel napkin holders from many places. The one above is from Crate & Barrel; you can also get a stainless steel napkin holder from Blomus or a stainless steel serviette holder from Zack - and there are plenty of others with simple lines, too.

blue bear metal napkin holder

And then there are the napkin holders from Metal Morphosis.


marcia said...

Tour blog was recommended in a major southern Brazilian paper called Zero Hora and I must confess I spent hours reading it. Is there any chance kids could make a napkin holder with old cds?? what about that? Marcia (from Rio Grande, Brazil)

Jeri Dansky said...

Marcia, thank you so much for letting me know about Zero Hora. And I'm glad you found enough here to keep you interested for all that time!

I suppose someone with do-it-yourself skills could make a napkin holder from old CDs. If you ever see one that someone has made, please send along a photo and I'll feature it here! (e-mail to jeri at jdorganizer dot com)

marcia said...