Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zanisa: Organizing Items for the Environmentalist

bamboo A-frame wine rack

Want to shop somewhere that supports your environmental ideals? If you're buying new rather than used, Zanisa is about as good as you can get. As the Zanisa web site says, its "contemporary collections focus on items that are handmade, natural, recycled, organic, fairly traded and sustainable."

Furthermore, the company's web site is hosted using wind-powered energy, it makes extensive use of recycled materials for packaging, and with the help of, Zanisa plants a tree for every order of $50 or more.

And the products are lovely, as you can see from that bamboo A-frame wine rack.

pencil box; brid with paint brush in its beak

I'm also quite taken with this artist pencil box. I've included a close-up view; you can see the whole box (and the interior) on the Zanisa web site.

button boxes

And then there are these button boxes - boxes made from buttons!

box made from cloves, filled with note paper

This box is made from cloves! It comes filled with recycled note paper embedded with seeds.

leather piggy bank

This piggy bank is made from reconstituted leather.

cut-to-size sticky note pad

And here's a new twist on the ubiquitous sticky notes. You write a note and then move the slider down - and tear off a note that's exactly the width you need.

[Via Style Saves the World, a blog dedicated to saving the world, one stylish day at a time]


Anonymous said...

I love the sticky notes, what a great idea especially for shopping lists.

Brandie Kajino said...

I love the sticky notes too! I think a close second are the button boxes. So creative! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Tanna and Brandie, I'm glad you enjoyed these as much as I did. I found the web site when I was looking for wine rack options, and was delighted to then discover the other items.