Thursday, December 27, 2007

7 Stand-Out Staplers, Plus a Staple Remover

red stapler

Office supply junkies - this one's for you!

1. Red Swingline 747 Stapler

This stapler was apparently featured in the movie Office Space, which I didn't see. After years of dull black staplers, I just like the splash of color. But apparently it's a pretty good stapler, too. [Note: The price on the Swingline web site seems to be higher than the one shown on other web sites. Photo from this web site.]

stapler being pressed with one finger

2. PaperPro Stapler

Neat looking, and easy on the hands - you can staple by pressing with just one finger. Various models handle 15, 20, or 25 sheets of paper. [via Tribe]

stainless steel stapler

3. Moss Stapler

This is one of the simple and elegant staplers. Others include the Design Line stapler and the Blomus stapler. Update on April 30, 2012: The stapler pictured is actually the Folle stapler, which was sold by Moss, but no longer is. However, you can find it at Emmo Home. However, I'm no longer finding the Design Line stapler anywhere.

Hello Kitty stapler, pink

4. Hello Kitty Stapler

This one's for those who favor cute over elegant.

stapler with flowered pattern

5. Flowered stapler

Here's a softer look that might be nice in some home offices.

basic looking stapler

6. Recycled Plastic Mini-Stapler

This stapler is made with 84.3% recycled plastic, and it has a 20 sheet capacity. Update on Feb. 24, 2011: I'm not finding this specific stapler any more, but there are others made with recycled plastic, such as the one shown here.

stapler with built-in staple-puller

7. Stapuller

Do your staple pullers always go missing? This stapler has a built-in staple puller. Update on Feb. 24, 2011: I'm not finding this product any more.

stapler remover shaped like alligator head with open jaws

Staple Remover from Jac Zagoory Designs

This alligator is one of a number of designs; others include a dragon, a T-Rex, and an elephant.


Lissanne / SORTED! said...

I have a very cool automatic stapler. It's a desk top battery operated and you simply slide the paper in the slot and it automatically staples. It's the envy of everyone :-)

Jeri Dansky said...

Good point, Lissanne! Automatic staplers can certainly be cool - and very useful to people with arthritis and other ailments.

Some of them are truly ugly - but others, like this one from Panasonic, would look fine on almost anyone's desk.

SUS said...

My favorite gift idea this season was the stapless stapler. It's great for stapling five or less sheets of paper (and saves a miniscule bit of landfill space).

Thanks for this blog! I found it a long time ago, then lost the link. I'm so glad I found it again.

Jeri Dansky said...

SUS, I've seen those staple-less staplers, but never tried one out myself. I'm glad to know they work well for you.