Friday, December 7, 2007

Keep Files Handy with a Desktop File Holder

desktop file, black

Step files are the most conventional way of keeping your active files in front of you. But another option is the desktop file; The Container Store has some nice options. If you pick one that comes with a lid, I'd suggest taking the lid off for daily use - you want to see the files, and make it as easy as possible to use the folders.

leather desktop file

Levenger, as always, has a lovely but expensive option - this leather desk file. Update on July 12, 2009: This product doesn't seem to be available any more.

wire file folder holder

But I just discovered some more options at Rose Lane Cottage. One of those is this wire folder holder, available in black or white. Update on June 11, 2011: The Rose Lane Cottage web site has disappeared.

floral file folder holder

And here is just one of the decorative file folder holders from Anna Griffin. Update on July 12, 2009: This product also seems to be unavailable now.


Unknown said...

Jeri, thanks for your article. I'm looking for something for my desktop (but portable is an added benefit) that holds file folders, much like I see here. However, I don't like the hanging files. I'm debating about how folders would work in these organizers without hanging files. Or -- do you know of anything else that might be available since you wrote this? My criteria: easily accessible, expandable, no hanging files, relatively stylish. (in that order) thanks!

Jeri Dansky said...

Jeremy, step files are the usual answer for preferences like yours. Besides the ones shown there, you can look at the one from David Allenor the one from Peter Walsh and Office Depot. Oh, and Levenger, for a bunch of money. (Levenger also has this one, but there's no angle, so it would be harder to see the files.)

Desktop files designed for hanging file folders could work, but tend to be a bit deeper than you'd probably want.

But here's a desktop file that's meant for interior file folders, which might work for you. It's from Semikolon, and sold by the Container Store (and many other places, I assume).