Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Your Mail Needs a Home

pile of mail

Where do you put the mail when you bring it in? What about all those scraps of paper that accumulate in our purses, wallets, pockets, and briefcases? Say you've already tossed the obvious junk mail into the recycling bin; where does the rest go?

The most common answer seems to be, "on any available horizontal surface." Another popular answer is, "on the floor." But the answer from people who manage their mail well is usually, "in my in box."

Now, I am NOT necessarily talking about those plastic in trays you get at office supply stores. They are boring, and they often aren't big enough for some of the oversized mail many of us get. But how about some of these options?

newspaper beaskets

1. The Portabella newspaper basket from Levenger is a nice size, but it's not cheap. Update on March 9, 2012: Levenger no longer carries this product.

red tray

2. A nice tray might work, as long as you are diligent about dealing with the mail (almost) daily - or you only get a small amount of mail. This tray comes from Crate and Barrel. Update on March 9, 2012: I'm no longer seeing this tray at Create and Barrel, but there are many other trays to choose from.

bamboo baskets

3. Baskets can be a nice answer. I got mine at Cost Plus World Market. OK, it's pretty darn big - but it matches the decor of my office, and looks nice sitting on the floor under my desk. Smaller options are certainly available.

wall pockets

4. Wall pockets are another option. These, from Ballard Designs, come in 2-pocket and 4-pocket sizes.

gift box pattern resembles Botticelli's Birth of Venus

5. A nice gift box, if sturdy enough, could work just fine.

lasagne pan

6. Get creative! Here's a lasagna pan that could serve as an in tray.

Any other options anyone wants to share?

[lead photo by Glynnis Ritchie]


Raven said...

I am almost paperless, so very little mail comes in. What does goes into one of two envelopes taped to the inside of my computer armoire--one marked 'current', the other 'to file.'

For a picture and more details:

Kevin said...

I love the graphis you incorporate into your writing. It's terrific.


Jeri Dansky said...

Raven, minimizing the mail that comes in is a great approach - easier for you and a greener option, too. And thanks for sharing your mail-handling solution!

Kevin, thanks for the kind words.