Monday, December 17, 2007

Four Calendars To Consider for 2008

Update on Oct. 28, 2010: Although this post features 2008 calendars, there are 2011 versions of those bunny calendars listed in #1; the links point to the new calendars.

If you're using a wall calendar, you have some wonderful choices. Here are a few you may not have seen.

1. Bunnies of the Tarot (shown above)

The same company provides Great Moments in Bunny Literature and Bunnies of the Zodiac, among others.

calendar with picture of chicken

2. Literary Chicken calendar

Also available on Etsy, where the calendar is described this way: The depth and breadth of what it means to be chicken, and indeed what it means to be, are explored here in a year of original images and quotes from literature. ... It is printed on acid free paper which will last for years to come. Update on Oct. 28, 2010: It doesn't seem as though Scratch Studios is making this calendar again.

calendar with picture of blue bird

3. Hidden Habitats calendar from blissen

Besides being lovely, it's printed with vegetable-based inks on reincarnation paper (100% recycled, 50% post-consumer waste, and processed chlorine free). Update on Oct. 28, 2010: There's no indication that Jill Bliss is making a 2011 calendar.

calendar cover with drawing of greyhound angel

4. Italian Greyhound Rescue calendar

The monthly pages are photos, not drawings. Many such groups create calendars to help support their work. Update on Oct. 2, 2009: This calendar is no longer available.

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