Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Save Some of the Sentimental

vintage hankie embroidered with pink and white flowers

As I continue to read Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder, by Susan Pinsky, I get more and more impressed. There's lots of good advice here - and the woman has a way with words.

Here is just some of her advice about deciding which sentimental items to keep, and which to discard:

"Hold on to Grandma's favorite hankie, but get rid of her sleeper sofa."

"Of your child's schoolwork, keep those items which are autobiographical--a drawing of 'My Family' and essays entitled 'What I'm going to do when I grow up,' 'My favorite things,' and 'My vacation.' Get rid of the report on President Lincoln even if it got an A+"

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[Vintage hankie from Buenahelena's store on Etsy]


Suzanne said...

Great advice on the sentimental items! It's all about the "little" things. I must also say that going through those old treasures are always a treat, as well. As we were going through old boxes, we actually found an account of my children's gggreat grandfather from the Civil War. Not only was it shocking, it brought back a piece of history for 13-year old daughter and an understanding of the Battle of Shiloh.

Jeri Dansky said...


Wow! Now that's the kind of memorabilia that's a real treasure!


John Trosko said...

I was cleaning out my closet today, and ran over my 3rd grade green fuzzy hampster book I wrote. It's still in great shape. So glad it's one of the few things I kept and I still get a kick out of it everytime I "rediscover it!"

Ha ha!

- John

Jeri Dansky said...


I'd love to see a picture of that! I'm so glad it's still in good shape - far too often treasures like that are not.