Monday, May 21, 2007

Knife Blocks Don't Have to be Boring

MIKOTO bamboo knife blocks

We all know about knife blocks, right? Big wooden things. Sort of clunky looking.

Well, now there's the MIKOTO bamboo knife block from Ekobo, designed by Martin Robitsch. His web site describes the knife block this way: "The free-form, skewer-filled bamboo box allows you to insert a number of knives in any formation, easily customizing the fit by removing (or re-adding) skewers." It's available in three sizes and five colors.

Ekobo is a French company (but products are available around the world) which makes a variety of bamboo products in Vietnam, allowing artisans to stay in their villages and work locally. There's lots of interesting information about the company on their web site.

Update on July 12, 2012: What appears to be same knife block is sold by VivaTerra, so there's a U.S. source.

[via Apartment Therapy]


Cliff said...

I can't seem to find this available online. The sites that the EKOBO website points me to don't have it listed. Any ideas?

Jeri Dansky said...

Hi Cliff,

I've found one on-line source so far.

Biome lifestyle is in the UK; they only seem to have the blocks in white and black. You can get a discount there before June 16, 2007, per the Telegraph.