Saturday, May 5, 2007

Creative Containers: Apothecary Jars

3 apothecary jars in various shapes, clear glass

As a professional organizer, I'm always on the lookout for neat containers.

Real Simple writes about using apothecary jars in the bathroom. They can be found in all prices ranges from a large number of sellers, from eBay to antique dealers. The ones shown above come from Touchstone.

3 antique apothecary jars, porcelain with pictures of hot air balloons

I love the simplicity of those Touchstone jars, but I also love these stunning Parisian porcelain apothecary jars from the late 19th century, from Phisick. These are from a private collection of antique medical items - take just a moment to poke around, it's a fascinating site, very well designed - but maybe with some searching you could find beautiful antiques yourself.

[photo used with permission]

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