Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 Options for Colorful Storage

For those who'd like to jazz up their storage with some color, there are lots of options available now. Some of them are quite expensive - but there are also pieces for more modest budgets. In no particular order:

cabinet from Cappellini in red and orange

1. twentytwentyone has this cabinet from Cappellini. Update on Dec. 29, 2012: Twentytwentyone no longer has this cabinet, but it does have other colorful ones from Cappellini.

Vitra - Transphere cabinets in yellow, orange and green

2. Vitra has the Transphere product line. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Vitra doesn't seem to carry this line any more, but some of the company's other storage furniture does use some color.

mobile drawers in green, red and blue from Kartell at Apartment Zero

3. Apartment Zero has mobile drawers from Kartell.

MShelving in green from Loadbearing

4. Loadbearing offers their MShelving in a variety of configurations. [via swissmiss]

Vintage retro lockers at Thistle & Crowe

5. Thistle & Crowe used to have these vintage retro lockers (updated on August 12, 2009); you can also get colorful lockers from Twenty Gauge.

Chests by Kettnaker in red, black, green and yellow at House of European Design

6. House Of European Design has these chests by Kettnaker. (They also have the Menos Chest by Behr International.)

Maine Cottage - blue bookshelf

7. Maine Cottage has a whole range of products.

Company Store - rainbow wall shelves

8. The Company Store has Rainbow Wall Shelves. [via Apartment Therapy: LA] Update on Jan. 17, 2010: These are no longer available.

Blue chimney cabinet

9. Sundance has this chimney cabinet- and a number of other nice-looking pieces. Update on Feb. 25, 2012: Sundance no longer has this cabinet.

10. And Domino Magazine will teach you how to paint your own bookshelves. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Domino Magazine is no longer being published, and the web site is gone.


Anonymous said...

I love the color in all those shelves, and the wall box shelves are cool looking. :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you liked them, Lindsay! Maybe it's time for me to do another list; I've found more since last May.