Tuesday, May 1, 2007

4 Beds for the Storage-Challenged

Platone Bunk Bed

Combining beds and storage is a common technique - and very useful in small spaces. Many beds have built-in drawers, and others just allow you to slide storage boxes underneath. But some beds provide storage with particular style.

1. I love the picture of the Platone Bunk Bed shown above. Not only does this incorporate storage - it always illustrates the small-space principle of "making good use of wall space." [via Babygadget]

2. Crate Designs provides the mix-and-match components to create a whole collection of space-saving beds, with under-bed storage and/or a trundle bed.

VIA bed with storage underneath
3. The VIA bed isn't available quite yet, but looks like it will be another fun option. [via Apartment Therapy: Nursery] Update on September 2, 2009: The bed has now been available for some time.

built-in daybed
4. And this built-in daybed from Woodshanti is made from responsibly-harvested lumber.

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