Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time for TV?

TV covered with TV cozy

Next week (April 23-29) is TV Turn Off Week.

To help avoid temptation, maybe you'd like a TV cozy - also a nice idea for those multi-purpose rooms where you have a TV but might not want the electronics look all the time. [photo from MarthaStewart.com]

Additional worthwhile reading for anyone who wants to reconsider his/her TV viewing habits:

Jerry Mander's Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television was written in 1978 but is still good stuff.

Mark Hurst's Bit Literacy is brand new, and I've just begun to read it. But there's a nice chapter entitled The Media Diet, which talks about choosing among the millions of media choices we have nowadays.

Or consider this thought from 43 Folders: "Nobody ever lay on their deathbed thinking "gee, I wish I had spent more time watching TV."

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