Saturday, April 14, 2007

Etsy: 6 Attractive Alternatives for Storage

round red box with bunny pictures

Inspired by Apartment Therapy's Etsy Scavenger postings, I thought I'd showcase some of the lovely container-type products you can find over there. Etsy is a place to buy handmade items from a huge collection of folks; I've been very satisfied with the couple things I've bought there, and I love the idea of supporting individuals doing good work. Why not have at least some of your containers also be works of art?

1. Country Bunny Box (shown above); $20

basket with legs, filled with yarn
2. Spinner-Knitters Table Basket, $26 (larger floor version for $45)

white pail with pictures of fairies
3. Fairy Princess Pail, $10.99

round basket in blue and cream colors
4. Blueberry Yogurt Cream Basket Bowl, $35

silk beg with picture of elf boy, green lizard, tropical vegetation

5. Wild Elf Boy Silk Bag, $19.90, from a seller in Prague

wall mounted wine rack with six bottles

6. FLOAT wall stand for wine, $150. Update on Aug. 12, 2012: I can no longer find this product.

Do you know of other wonderful storage options on Etsy? Share them in the comments section - I'd love to see them!

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