Monday, April 2, 2007

4 Ways to Hang the Baseball Caps

baseball caps hanging on a wall

I've had the question come up twice in the last week: What do I do with all the baseball caps?

1. You could just put a bunch of basic hooks on the wall, and hang the caps from them, as displayed above. (Photo from Flickr, by Spiff Carner)

2. If you want to use a standard baseball cap rack, the options include the PerfectCurve CapRack System (for 24 caps) and a few other over-the-door racks.

3. For something a bit more stylish, there's a wooden cap rack that holds 30 of them.

4. You could also use one of the racks used by stores for displaying baseball caps. See the options available from Palay Display Industries, Inc and Nu-Era.

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