Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleaning Out the Clothes Closet

red high-heeled shoe

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story on March 28 entitled The great spring-cleaning of a clothes closet, by Karen Leland - and it's a fun read.

Here's an excerpt:

I use spring-cleaning as an excuse to examine every article of clothing I own -- from sweatpants to cocktail party dresses -- and decide if they still have what it takes to retain membership in my clothes closet.

. . .

I hold up a pair of 3-inch red patent leather pumps. Sexy? Sure, but try walking in them. One city block feels like a trek over the Siberian wasteland. This item was purchased on a shopping trip to Nordstrom when I was in a bad mood and hoped that a new pair of shoes in a spunky color would perk me up.

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