Sunday, January 14, 2007

When It's Time to Donate, Sell, or Otherwise Dispose of the LPs

LP album frame

Getting rid of your LP collection? You might want to frame a few especially memorable ones. Thanks to professional organizer Marcia Rugen of T.O.S.S. (Total Organization - Simple Solutions) in Northern Virginia for the pointer to this LP Album Frame.

And why might you be getting rid of your LP collection? Possibly because you've used the ION USB Turntable to convert your records to MP3 files. Thanks to professional organizer Susan Lannis of ORGANIZATION Plus! Inc. in Clackamas, Oregon for the pointer.

Or if you want to convert your LPs to CDs, the TEAC GF-350 Turntable / CD-Recorder will do it.

If you want to try to sell your LPs, Cherry Records has a seller's guide.

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