Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

The Wall Street Journal has a blog called The Juggle - on choices and tradeoffs people make as they juggle work and family. It's written by Sara Schaefer Munoz.

Recently they've posted some New Year's Resolutions, including this one: Make Time for Friends. To quote, in part: "Friends of mine — some whom I’ve known since childhood — have always been a source of joy and support. This year I’ll try to make time for even brief phone calls and more often indulge in a movie or dinner out with them."

Another one was Do Less Housework. Again, to quote part of the blog entry: "I’ll start with the little things, such as cutting down on some laundry. Is it really that terrible to wear the same pants more than once, or even twice? In addition, I’m going to put a container in the garage especially for junk mail, so it doesn’t even make it into the house. And if it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, I vow to walk right past those dirty dishes in the sink and head outside with my daughter. . . . So maybe this year my house will be a little grimier or my clothes a little more wrinkled. At least my daughter won’t feel like she’s always competing with the vacuum for attention. And I’ll remind myself that when my kids are grown and off to college, I can spend weekends scrubbing the stove to my heart’s content."

Now obviously that second resolution is all wrong for someone struggling to keep the house in reasonable order - but it might be the perfect resolution for others.

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