Saturday, January 6, 2007

Time Management for Web Surfers

Do you tend to lose track of time when you're browsing the web? Browser Timer will shut down your browser after a predefined number of minutes. It's free software, but only works on Windows. Thanks to Robert Lynch of The Now Habit Yahoo Group for the pointer.

And if losing time on the web is an issue for you, you might enjoy this comment from Paul Ford: "Distraction is necessary. Minds need to wander to get anything done. But the Internet is sort of the mental equivalent of the snack aisle at a convenience store, filled with satisfying fatty chips and tasty cream-filled cakes."


slv225 said...

I have been analyzing the time I spent on web. Mostly useful things however in excess.
These kind of timers never worked for me. But to interrupt my reading by exercises as I do with two softwares, Ergocise and Gym-O-Fizz Citronixx has helped me to manage "hiperfocus" or a kind of compulsive and alienate behavior.
The trick is not to ignore the calling to exercise but to accept and do it.

Jeri said...

What a good idea, Sylvia! Here's another such product that works on both the PC and the Mac: StretchWare.