Saturday, January 6, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Resources for Reuse

Re-Use Guide from RecycleWorks in San Mateo county, California

An e-mail from the San Mateo County RecycleWorks reminded me how thankful I am for all the organizations that work at the city, county, state, region, or country level to provide information on where to donate unwanted items - so we can reuse, not just recycle.

Just in the San Francisco Bay Area, besides RecycleWorks, we have a number of other resources, including:
- Palo Alto's Recyclopedia (recycling and reuse)
- SF Environment (San Francisco - mostly recycling but some reuse)
- from Alameda County (select Materials to be Reused from the Where do I Recycle? menu)

And a quick search shows me a whole range of useful sites, such as:
- Greener Miami
- The Delaware Reuse Guide
- The Environmental Protection Agency in New England
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - a UK site, which has introduced me to the term scrapstore.


Anonymous said...

You can also donate items to nonprofits in San Mateo County by using the Community Wish List. The site provides profiles on the nonprofits and you can search a database to see what they need.

Jeri said...

Thank you so much for the pointer to the Community Wish List - what a nice resource to know about!