Monday, February 10, 2014

The Wedding Dress, After the Wedding

pillow made from a wedding dress
A Marilyn Arnold pillow; photo provided by Marilyn

What do you do with your wedding dress?

Some people want to hang onto their wedding gowns forever — and that’s fine. Others choose to sell or donate their dresses.

But another option is to turn your gown into something else — something beautiful (and useful) that isn’t hidden away in a closet.

Marilyn Arnold Designs can create a gorgeous pillow (or maybe multiple pillows) for you; the one above is just a sample of the many styles of pillows she’s created. As she suggests, you could give these to your children (or grandchildren) — or keep them for yourself. You can read about how Marilyn came to start her business in The New York Times. [via Grace Lidia Suarez]

quilt made from a wedding dress

Another option is to turn your wedding dress into a quilt; Quilts by Kate made the one above.

bear made from a wedding dress

And The Patchwork Bear can create one of its bears from your wedding dress, if the fabric is one that will work for a bear.


Kelly said...

We had my wedding dress turned into a Cristening Gown and Romper for my kids. I had 2 girls, but my nephew wore the Romper for his baptism!

This is who we used:

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for sharing Fairy Godmother Creations, Kelly!

Sandra said...

You won't believe what happened to of my daughters (who shall remain nameless) wore it as her Hallowe'en costume!