Monday, February 24, 2014

4 Recipe Boxes, 4 Very Different Looks

wood recipe box, 3 drawers

Do you still use paper recipe cards? While many people have gone to digital solutions, others still prefer to keep their recipes on paper, and the recipe card still has its fans. And recipe boxes don’t always need to be used for recipes; I’ve seen them used as address boxes, too.

Some of the most stunning recipe boxes I’ve seen come from Timber Territory. This is the three-drawer box; there’s also a one-drawer version. Update on July 18, 2018: The Timber Territory website has disappeared.

recipe box with William Morris floral design

The William Morris recipe box from Gallison is also stunning, in a totally different way.

pink recipe box

This recipe box from Sugar Paper with its hot pink lacquer provides quite the splash of color.

recipe box tin, with small polka dots

And for something more sedate, there’s a polka dot recipe tin from Rifle Paper Co., also sold by See Jane Work.

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Julie Bestry said...

Maybe if Timber Territory gets a groundswell of requests as a result of this post, they'll bring it back.

JustGail said...

Lovely boxes - I use a utilitarian gray plastic box for coupons. I could use an upgrade though. OTOH, sometimes I take the whole box with me, and I'd be really sad if I left a pretty box in the store.

My recipes currently live in 3 ring binders. A whole 'nother ugly story! What I'd like to find is recipe templates, like the cookie recipes I've seen - a basic dough, and then additions to make many kinds of cookies. Except for casseroles, veggies, side dishes, etc. I have the Ratio cookbook, which is good for baking. I may have to resort to making the ones I'm looking for myself :-O