Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Organizing with Trays

tray with cats, in use in Jeri Dansky's home office

Welcome to a tiny bit of my home office, where you can see the tray I picked up in San Francisco’s Japan Town. Other people use trays as organizing tools in their kitchens — and when I featured a gorgeous tray in a prior post, two people chimed in with other ways trays can be used.

trays with herring pattern

If you’d like to use trays yourself, there are lots to choose from. Almedahls, based in Sweden, has a good-sized collection — including this one featuring herring. Another site that carries these is Huset. [via Apartment Therapy]

tray with Mommins

Anyone who read the Moomin books as a child (or as an adult!) might enjoy this Moomin tray made by Opto Design, or one of the others sold by Moomin. You can also find many of the Moomin trays at Huset.

4 trays depicting fairy tales

Isak has some fun trays, too. [via Retro To Go]

tray with simple leaf pattern

Many of Moln’s trays feature much simpler patterns, such as this leaf, and your basic dots. They come in various sizes and colors. Update on May 9, 2018: I'm no longer finding these products.

tray with picture of feathers

It was a real struggle to pick just one items from Åry Trays to show you; the trays feature the work of many artists, and so many of them are delightful. This one features the art of Michael Angrove, but also take a look at those with art from Lush Designs. They’re made from Scandinavian beech wood.

solid-color teal tray

Want something very simple? Gleaming Renditions has some solid-color trays that might work for you.

teak tray

This is the Fionia tray from Skagerrak (previously from Trip Trap); it comes in two sizes, and you can choose between teak and oak. You can get one in teak at Design Within Reach.

canvas tray

Here's something very different: the duck canvas utility tray from Best Made Company. This reminds me a bit of the vide poches I wrote about long ago. Update on May 9, 2018: I'm no longer finding this product.

tray with painting of a duck

Finally, if you have a lot of money to spend and like the style, you could get a tray from Annie Modica.

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Monapart Living said...

Thanks very much for the mention and for the post! Almedahls is such an amazing Swedish brand, we love it!

JustGail said...

I'd be reluctant to put too much on some of these trays, they're just to cool to cover up!

Jeri Dansky said...

Monapart Living: Thanks for including such nice photos of the Almedahl trays on your website! They do seem pretty wonderful. (I also see you have a number of other products I may want to blog about in the future.)

JustGail: I'm glad someone else thought these were as cool as I did! I was pretty amazed at how many stunning products I found when I started investigating.