Thursday, February 13, 2014

Staplers: 4 Different Ways to Stand Out in the Crowd

blue stapler

Unless you’ve gone entirely paperless in your home or office, you’ll probably need a stapler as a basic organizing supply. While your basic Swingline stapler will generally work just fine, you can also get something a bit out of the ordinary.

If you’d like to go colorful, head on over to Poppin, which has staplers in 10 colors.

bunny-shaped staplers in pink and white

If you’re into cute, take a look at Mustard’s bunny stapler.

stapler with easy loading button

For ease of use, there are a number of staplers from Urban Prefer: the Atomo, the A Posture and the Lipstick. All are designed to be what the company calls “energy efficient” — that’s your energy (or squeezing power) they’re talking about. For example, with the Atomo you “just gently press to staple up to 30-35 sheets with minimum effort.” The Atomo is the heavy-duty one of the bunch; the others have the same gentle-press design, but accommodate fewer sheets of paper.

And all have an easy-loading mechanism; you “press the loading button on the back to automatically eject the staple compartment at the front.”

stapler with detachable base

And finally, there’s Align, which has a detachable base — so handy if you want to staple something in the middle of a large sheet of paper! [via organizer Julie Bestry]

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Marcie Lovett said...

Love that stapler that comes apart, Jeri! I have a "soft touch" stapler that is easy on the hand and, of course, it's orange. Anytime I can find office products in my favorite color, it's a bonus.

Julie Bestry said...

I am a little in love with that pink bunny. I'll admit, I prefer to use ergonomic staplers, the kind that one squeeze, in any direction, with one hand, is high on my intellectual wish list. But the pink bunny stapler makes me happy!