Friday, September 27, 2013

First Look: 2014 Calendars for Good Causes

Celebrity Pet Adoption Calendar 2014 - coverCelebrity Pet Adoption Calendar 2014 - one month's photo of a couple and their cat

I'm taking a break from the "lost items" series to show you some cool calendars — one of which is in limited supply.

And that calendar is the Celebrity Pet Adoption Calendar, which raises money for a good cause. [via Wil Wheaton]

Weimaraner Rescue of Texas - 2014 calendar

Here's the 2014 calendar from Weimaraner Rescue of Texas; the photos were done by Margaret Bryant, who specializes in dog photography. My dear friend Jill was a Weimaraner owner, so I'm always a bit partial to groups such as this.

Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada 2014 calendar

And here's the 2014 calendar from Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada. The photos were done by Pet’ographique.

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