Friday, September 13, 2013

Decluttering and the Hunt for Buried Treasures

fabric with detailed embroidery of fish, crabs, etc.

Do you dread going through your closets, your garage, or that stack of boxes you haven't looked at since you moved five years ago? Here's something to encourage you to begin the process.

With every decluttering project, I've learned to expect to hear, at some point: "Oh, I totally forgot about that! I love that!" or "I wondered where that was; I've missed it!"

It seems that, almost always, we find some sort of buried treasure: something useful, something sentimental, something beautiful — or something valuable, such as old traveler's checks. The photo above shows some wonderful fabric a client and I found, just recently. (I'm posting the photo with her permission.)

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Marcie Lovett said...

Now that is a treasure! I always say that if I had a nickel for each time a client said "I've been looking for that," I could retire.