Monday, September 16, 2013

10 Types of Indoor Firewood Storage

canvas bag for toting and storing firewood logs

As we move into fall in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems like a good time to look at firewood storage options. Since firewood can provide a home to all sorts of bugs, you may not want to move it inside until right before you plan to use it — but these products can provide some nice temporary storage. And, of course, there's no reason you couldn't repurpose one of these products for another use.

Many of the items I found are quite pricey — but we can still do some virtual window shopping. I'm going to show you these in order of increasing price, going from $30 to the amazing price of $840.

So we'll begin with the TuffDuck bags from Condar, also available from CondarCanada. These are $30 or $35, depending on the colors. Condar also has some wood bags in the same general price range.

wicker log basket

For $48, you can get a wicker log basket from The Basket Lady. The cotton liner is an extra $15.

log basket, rattan

This tapered rattan log basket, from Garden Trading, goes for ₤70 — which is about $112, as of today.

canvas log basket

For $120 you can get this canvas log basket from Best Made Company.

wheeled firewood cart

Pottery Barn has a firewood wheeled wagon for $179.

suede firewood carrier / holder

This suede firewood basket from ├śrskov, available at Illums Bolighus, sells for 1,450.00 DKK — approximately $260. There's what seems to be a leather version available at for 1,250 DKK — approximately $244.

leather log basket

For another leather option, you could go to Life Of Riley, which has this leather log basket for £185 — about $295.

rattan log basket

OKA has rattan storage baskets for logs at £185 and £249 — about $295 and $397. This picture shows the more expensive one.

copper firewood basket

This copper firewood basket is gorgeous — and it's $350.

leather firewood log holder

Finally, let's admire this leather log holder — an Italian design — which goes for £527. That's about $840.

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