Monday, September 9, 2013

4 Pencil Cups — and an Office Brush

pencil cup, soapstone, with old Apple Macintosh design

A well-chosen pencil cup can add a welcome splash of personality to any desk, while still being an incredibly practical organizing tool. You could go to your coffee mug collection and pick one to hold your pens and pencils — or you could get something like the products I'll show you here.

Apple Computer fans might like this Apple Macintosh pen holder. [via TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

pencil holder

The Eva Maria pencil holder from Touch provides a splash of color. It's made from "unbleached recycled paper and repurposed E.V.A waste — flip-flop material." [via Bloesem]

pencil cup and paper clip cup - mesh wrapped in leather

Ric's Leather takes a mesh pencil cup and wraps it in — you guessed it, leather. (You can also get a paper clip cup made using the same technique.) You can get "the design and colors of your choice."

wood pencil cup

Hallowed Quiet is a father-daughter team from Ohio — with some really lovely wooden pencil holders.

office brush to hold pens, pencils, more

And if pencil cups just aren't your thing, how about the office brush from Raumgestalt? You can find it at Fitzsu and Anthropologie.

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shop sign sheffield said...

Oh wow!! I love it!! Keep up the good work!

JustGail said...

$60 for a scrub brush? Granted, it's walnut, but still....Although I must say I do like the idea.

Currently I use an old glass flower frog. It holds just enough to be useful, but not so much that I can't find my favorite pens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including one of our pencil holders in your organizing blog! - HQ