Friday, March 1, 2013

Storing the Kids' Toys: The Bathtub Edition

bath toy storage shaped like an owl

Right now, our bathtub is like another toy chest and ohmygod do I wish I was exaggerating about this.Cool Mom Picks

Looking for containers to control the bath toys? My new favorites, just from their looks, are the bath storage products from 3 Sprouts. Besides the owl, there's a fox and a walrus. [via Cool Mom Picks]

wall-mounted pail for bath toys, shaped like a whale

The Oxo Whale Pail is another clever design. [via Furniture Fashion]

bath toy organizer

And the Tubby bath toy organizer from Skip Hop is another interesting option.

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SueBK said...

I saw a neat idea somewhere, but I can't remember where now. Might even have been the Ikea catalogue. A extra towel rail installed alongside the bath with kitchen drainer baskets on it. You could use all manner of containers - net bags tied to the rail, even plastic flower pots. Has the added advantage of giving you somewhere to hang face-clothes, hand-washed lingerie and the like.