Friday, March 8, 2013

Organizing Finds from My Vacation in Florida

painted turtle in Venice, Florida

No, this turtle has nothing to do with organizing. But I'm just back from a short vacation in Florida, visiting family and an old friend — and this was one of the many painted turtles and dolphins in Venice, FL. They're on display until Spring 2014 — then they'll be auctioned off.

Large Neoprene basket

But even on vacation, I can't help having an organizer's eye, and noticing products that provide interesting options for containerizing. So when my friend and I wandered into The Tabletop and saw this neoprene bowl, I pulled out my camera (after getting the shop's OK to take photos). The bowl is hand-knit in Italy, and the baskets come in various sizes — but it's the largest one that really caught my eye. Now that I'm looking, I'm finding neoprene baskets on the web — but usually in smaller sizes than this one.

bread baskets - various colors and sizes
a bread bag

And I also noted these bread bags by Stelton, which could certainly be used for more than just bread. They come in various colors and sizes.


Louise said...

That neoprene basket is really neat! It would work well on our moving boat home.

Simona said...

...... Love those neoprene baskets - I know after a muster we sometimes have hot scones - different to what you have there in America - though that would be the perfect thing to keep them warm instead of a teatowel in a basket? ..... Thank you