Friday, June 29, 2012

Organizing for Book Lovers and Their Special Books

desktop book case

Want to keep some books close at hand — on a desktop, for example — and nicely displayed? You could use some nice bookends to keep them upright, or you could use a book rack of some sort. The Slotted System Bookcase shown above was designed by Erik Heywood for Book/Shop. [via Better Living Through Design]

desktop book case

Heywood's product was inspired by the Bruno Mathsson Book Crib, which is still being made.

desktop book rack, wood

Want something with a less modern look? Head over to Old Ways Limited and take a look at its DeskRack.

adjustable book rack, wood

Old Ways also has this style of BookRack, which expands from 17 to 34 inches, in three different end panel designs.

slanted desk or table top book rack, wood

If you need something a bit less bulky, for a smaller space, you could use something like the Slant Book Shelf from Woodform, sold via

slanted desk or table top book rack, metal

For a similar look, but in metal, there's the Twelve Degree Bookstand, available from the MoMA Store. It comes in green, orange and white. [via Better Living Through Design]

wood blocks and elastic band to keep books upright

And finally, for a very different approach, there's the Book Binder. I'll just quote from the Design3000 web site to describe this one: "Two end pieces of lacquered wood or raw oak are fastened with an elastic band. So books or magazines can stand freely wherever your please. The elastic band also provides flexibility, allowing you to easily add or remove a book."

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