Monday, June 25, 2012

Laundry Bags Don't Have to Be Boring

Want a lovely laundry bag instead of a run-of-the-mill one? These bags are one place where you can splurge on your organizing products and still not spend a fortune. Let's start with a look at Ivy Halls, which has some of the most striking laundry bags I've seen.

Izola (in the U.S.) and Evergreen Wrap (in the U.K.) have four laundry bags that are both fun and elegant.

Picking Poppys has some colorful laundry bags.

This linen laundry bag with the heart is available from Marquis & Dawe and from Bliss and Bloom.

The 100% linen Georgetown laundry sac from Libeco is one of the more expensive choices, but it sure is lovely.

Zoe tote only has this one laundry bag, but it's pretty spectacular.

And finally, I'm delighted with the T-shirt shaped laundry bags from Comsa; there's this one for whites, and a red one for colors. You can get the white one from PA-Design, and both the white one and the red one from Monkey Business and Animi Causa.

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