Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Own Organizing: Decluttering the Liquor Collection

liquor bottles in recycling bin

That's my recycling bin, just a few minutes before it got emptied this morning.

No, I didn't have a party. I just decided it was time to get rid of the liquor bottles I haven't touched in years, and don't foresee using in the future. Those are just three of the seven bottles that made it into the bin.

I'd thought of doing this before, but I had room for the bottles, so I didn't feel any urgency about it. And I had thoughts like this: "Some recipes call for crème de menthe. Maybe I'll need the bottle for one of those." Not that I actually used one of those recipes. And, of course, there are plenty of other good recipes that don't require crème de menthe.

But after reading a feng shui book — more on that tomorrow — I got inspired to finally toss the bottles; they really were just clutter.

Jeri Dansky's kitchen cabinet where liquor is stored

Here's that part of the cabinet now, with just the bottles I really do use; I'm not that much of a hard liquor or liqueur drinker.

And yes, I just poured the liquor down the drain. There are probably places I could have donated it, but it wouldn't have been convenient. It's not something I can Freecycle, either; liquor is specifically against the rules. So I went with the easy solution, so I could get the job done.


Dinah Sanders said...

Combining my Discardian and cocktail blogger hats, I wrote about tackling this problem on Bibulo.us:


Jeri Dansky said...

That's a great column, Dinah! Everyone, go read what Dinah wrote about cleaning up the liquor bottles.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Another interesting post! Two items in particular caught my attention:

1. Dinah's urging to "go ahead and have the good stuff" -- yes, we're entitled to enjoy what we have and enjoy it now.

2. Your explanation that you "went with the easy solution, so I could get the job done" -- yes, sometimes "done" is more important than spending hours attempting to dispose of something the "correct" way.