Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whiteboards: Keeping To-Dos Visible

whiteboard to-do vinyl wall decals - set of three

Figured out what I need as my ultimate To-Do manager. Whiteboard on the wall. Job done. — Richard Barley

Richard isn't the only one who finds a whiteboard (or a dry erase board in a color other than white) the best tool for keeping a to-do list. If a dry erase board seems like it might be the right tool for you, and you want something beyond the basic whiteboard, I've got some suggestions.

Some whiteboards come in the form of vinyl wall decals, like the "To Do" boards above, from Lulukuku.

vinyl decal dry erase board

Write on Walls has a couple dry erase decals that caught my eye: this one, and another one shaped like a page torn out of a notebook.

ferret-shaped dry erase board

Some whiteboards will only appeal to a select few — such as this ferret-shaped dry erase board from Isabella Gucci.

magnetic whiteboard with a Mondrian look

And some whiteboards are also magnetic boards, such as this Mondrian-inspired dry erase board from Kikkerland.  [via Cerentha Harris at Herman Miller]

Twitter bird dry erase board

But as an avid Twitter user, I'm especially enamored of the Tweet Bird Notice Board, from Signs for Homes. It's made of powdercoated steel. (Twitter users might realize that this looks more like the old Twitter logo than the new one rolled out in early June.)

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Michael Tannery said...

My favorite is the magnetic white board. Don't forget that you can also put on the white board the occasional sticky notes that some of us just can't stay away from.