Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Companies with Amazing Storage Ottomans

large storage ottoman, lovely fabric
Photo used with permission.

Want a unique storage piece? Look at the ottomans — including one intended for files — created by Nomad Ideas in the U.K. They're covered with kilims from Istanbul, and they're gorgeous. [via The Daily Basics]

Photo used with permission.

And then take a look at the ottomans and stools made by Katie Thompson of Recreate, based in South Africa. You'll find hatbox ottomans such as the one shown above, as well as suitcase stools. From Africa with Love, a showroom/gallery in Amsterdam, carries a limited selection. [via The Design Tabloid]

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Anonymous said...

You've shown some nice storage ottomans the last couple of posts. I use an old crock topped with a wood circle that I padded and covered with fabric as a footstool - it holds quite a bit. My other recent purchase is an old piano bench which is now a coffee table. It has a shallow storage area under the lid. And both can serve as extra seating if needed.

JustGail (who seems to be having issues with google login today)

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail, I love how I can always count on you for the missing DIY perspective. You're so much more qualified to write about that than I am! Your crock sounds lovely.

And a piano bench as a coffee table isn't an idea that I'd had before, so thanks for that one, too.

Lee said...

I love these, especially the little travel hatbox on legs.

My parents bought a "hassock", which was a round metal piece that had a plastic covering and could be used as an extra seat or coffee table. The top came off for storage. It's 60+ years old and in teriffic shape - my mom still uses it. I haven't heard the term used, but it's definition includes "ottoman".

Your finds are much prettier than her gray textured plastic.

JustGail - thanks for the idea. We have a large old crock, currently unused, that would be perfect for a project like yours. Thanks!

Jeri Dansky said...

I've got the best commenters! I love it when the comments improve upon my post - and help someone else!