Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reader Question: Organizing the Greeting Cards from a Wedding

Stuffed in a large envelope in the filing cabinet is all our cards from our wedding. I'd like to have them in some sort of album, or box, so we can occassionally look at them. I don't want to scrapbook them, 'cause it's hard to keep the inside message and outside pretty all together. Any ideas?

This question came in as a comment to another post, and I'm late in responding — but yes, I have ideas!

1. Get a good box.
Since these cards are precious to you, it's probably worth getting something that's truly archival quality: acid-free and lignin-free. Since "archival" is meaningless in the labeling of products, and not all items listed as acid-free truly are, I tend to go with the companies I see recommended time and again: Gaylord, Hollinger Metal Edge, and Light Impressions.

2. Get an album designed specifically for cards.
Postmarked sells such albums; the sleeves are made from "archival quality polypropylene."

3. Scan the cards.
You could then have the scans printed into an album — or just enjoy viewing them online. You could scan the cards yourself, or use a company that provides a scanning service.

Anyone else have ideas? What have you done with the very special cards you wanted to save?

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