Sunday, July 10, 2011

Small Space Solutions: Storage in a Stool

storage stool / pouff

Small spaces and dual-purpose furniture go together — and one such furniture piece is the storage stool. For storage and a splash of color, there's the Candy storage pouff from Calligaris; many different color combinations are offered. You can buy it here, here and here. [via From Europe]

sorage stool / pouf

Wildspirit, in Belgium, provides the Stoll 50, "serviceable as pouf, side table, serving tray and storage trunk." One place to buy it online is here. If you like color, check out the orange leather cushion option.

bucket storage stools

Pedersen + Lennard, in South Africa, created the bucket stool; you can get one here. [via The Design Tabloid]

storage stool, wool fabric, ikat pattern

This ikat storage stool comes from VivaTerra.

upholstered storage stool

And finally, there's the Ava storage stool from Neiman Marcus.

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The English Organizer said...

Great finds! Those bucket stools are really unusual.

Lee said...

What finds! I love the Stoll, ikat, and Neiman Marcus pieces. My parents had a similar piece, good as a footstool, table, and storage unit when I was born in the 50's and my mother still uses it. It was metal with a plastic covering. They referred to it as "the hassock". I enjoyed taking off the top and finding storage space. I'm glad they're popular again, just under a different name.

Jeri Dansky said...

The English Organizer: Glad you like them!

Lee, some people still call them hassocks - I just totally forgot to search on that term. And when I did, I found something cool I missed the first time around. You'll see it in my next post.

Claire at Vintage Revival said...

I just adore the Ava storage stool it gorgeous.