Monday, July 4, 2011

Got Purse Clutter? Consider a Purse Organizer!

purse organizer

Struggling to organize the contents of your purse? You must have a lot of company — because there sure are a lot of businesses selling purse organizers! I've written about purse organizers twice before — see the related posts at the end of this post — but I've since found many more. Let's start with the lovely purse organizers from Divide and Conquer, sold on Etsy. They come in many different sizes and patterns (and solid colors, too).

purse organizer

Another Etsy seller with a nice range of purse organizers is It's All in the Bag.

purse organizer, blue

The Purse Perfector comes in two sizes and various colors. Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was delighted to read that these organizers are actually made in San Francisco! And here's an interesting note: "Each Purse Perfector order is hand-packed by a local nonprofit, Easter Seals Work Resource Center, an organization dedicated to training the developmentally disabled in meaningful work for a variety of businesses."

purse organizer insert

I first discovered the PurseN organizer inserts on the Levenger web site, but there are many more options than the one Levenger carries.

purse organizer, plaid

The purse organizer from Plaid Doctrine was mentioned in the comments on a prior post, but not everyone would have seen the comments — and this is an organizer worth seeing.

handbag organiser

Now let's leave the U.S., and go to London, where Oliepops is based. The company's handbag organisers come in five different colors, and the company provides free worldwide shipping.

handbag organiser, aqua blue

Bragbags, based in Australia, has a number of interesting handbag organisers, handmade in Vietnam.

purse / bag organizer
purse / bag organizer

And finally, we have the purse organizers that come to us from Korea, from invite.L, Standard Number, and iswas. Invite.L handles international orders, but you can also find these products at Yesstyle, which also has web sites for the U.K., Australia and Hong Kong. You can also get them from Designed by Korea — or from MochiThings, which doesn't identify the brand/designer.

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Oksana said...

Jeri, purse organizers are so helpful. You chose to show some really nice ones here. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my bag, so an organizer really helps me.

Marcie Lovett said...

Another outstanding collection of useful products! I carry a small purse and, once my planner and wallet are in, there's just enough room for my phone and sunglasses. If I used a large, unstructured bag, though, I would pick one of those charmers from etsy. Thanks for letting everyone know that you can find wonderful things online.

Samantha said...

I was given one of these by my mother and hadn't used it for a long time - just minimising what I carried negated the need to use it. However now I carry a diaper bag - so I keep my personal "handbag" stuff in the organiser, and then if I'm going out without my baby I can quickly transfer it from the diaper bag to my handbag.

Purse Perfector said...

Thank you so much for including the Purse Perfector in your post! Especially appreciate your mention of our "made in the USA" status and packaging by Easter Seals. It's really important to us to promote the US economy and help create jobs.

Jeri Dansky said...

Samantha, what a great example of how a purse organizer could be used!

Oksana, so glad you like them!

Marcie, I've shopped on Etsy myself - it's so nice to be able to support an individual artisan, and get something I'd never find in my local stores. (I still shop locally for things that are sold in town.)

Purse Perfector, I know many people will appreciate your efforts.