Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Bodacious Bookends

balloon dog bookend

Books play a big part in many of our homes - which is why I alternate between providing advice on how to dispose of those you no longer need, and providing information on how to store the keepers.

For now, let's look at those keepers - and some bookends that might help. The balloon dog bookends were designed by Imm Living and are sold by Park Life, among others. They are also the subject of a legal controversy involving Jeff Kooms, as explained in The Bay Citizen. The bookend is made of cast resin and weighd 6 pounds; it's available in perkwinkle and orange.

bookends shaped like stacked bricks

These stacked brick bookends come from Gluekit; they are also sold by Supermarket, where I first found them.

Nancy Drew bookends

Those of us who grew up reading Nancy Drew books might like these Nancy Drew Silhouette Bookends. Update on Nov. 20, 2105: The site that sold these no longer does so, and I haven't found another source.

If you want bookends with a lot of heft - and you don't mind spending a lot of money - you can get these mid-century solid steel rail track bookends. Update on June 8, 2011: The site that was selling these no longer carries them, although I found what looks to be the same thing on an auction site.

stiletto heel shoe bookends

And finally, take a look at these reclaimed stiletto bookends!

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Pauline Wiles said...

Goodness, you find the coolest things! I'm not too sure how many of these I'd want in pride of place in my living room... but they're certainly not dull!

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Love the Nancy Drews and the reclaimed stilettos are hysterical! What a bunch of great finds!

neatreceipts mobile scanner said...

Love these book ends - they are different and interesting. The Nancy Drew ones may be my favorite - though since I read all of them growing up, I may be a bit partial.

Jeri Dansky said...

I knew there had to be some other Nancy Drew readers among my blog subscribers! Glad you all enjoyed this collection of bookends.