Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cubes, Boxes and Other Modular Storage

modular storage from Italy

Our organizing needs change over time - so modular storage that provides flexibility in the configuration can be a real help. And sometimes we have to fit storage into a strangely-shaped space - and modular options can help with that, too.

Let's start our tour of some options with one of the more amazing ones: More, from Studio Caporaso. Take a look at the Caporaso web site to see some of the many ways the basic cubes can be combined - you don't have to send them off at weird angles!

It's often hard to figure out how to buy items like this, from Italian design companies, so I wrote to Caporaso for information. I got back a lovely note from I'Ki Art & Design (e-mail, which said that the "MORE bookcase is available in different materials and finishing. ... If you are interested in buying MORE you can do it answering to this mail; price for public starts from euro 2860,00 (the one in the photo, in lacquered wood with satin masks in methacrylate, has got a price for public of 3930 euro). [via the Bookshelf blog]

From Nonah, a French company, we get the Salamandre bookcase, made in Latvia. Nonah bills itself as selling "ecological furniture for children." [also via the Bookshelf blog]

modular bookcase

Another neat option - but, for now, only if you live in France or Spain - is the BrickBox. [via Furniture Fashion]

modular shelf storage, white

And from Europe, yet again, there's the Stacked shelf system from Muuto. [via Apartment Therapy]

wood cubes shelving

If you live in the U.S., I have options for you, too. Here are the Suzy Cubes from Hardwood Artisans - available in a single wood, or in this striped look.

modular bookcase cubes

Levenger has its BookBoxes. Update on Aug. 31, 2013: Levenger doesn't see these any more.

modular steel bookcases

Boltz has modular steel bookcases.

steel modular shelving storage

Reform has its Ferris Shelving, also made of steel. Each cube is available in one of eight colors, and your choice of perforated backs or not. Glass doors are also available.


And I just realized that while I've mentioned Smart Furniture before, I've never specifically mentioned its Smart Shelves. I'm very fond of Smart Furniture, because I recently bought my Herman Miller Scooter Stand there - and got amazing customer service.

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