Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reader Question: Key Cabinets

key cabinet, birch

Have you blogged about fancy key cabinets?

No, but I'm glad to do so now!

Many of the nicest ones I found came from Europe, including this avainkaapit from Veico, in Finland. (I'm so thankful for online translation tools!) There are 10 different designs, including one with an elk.

wooden key box

Moving over to Denmark, we've got the nautic key box from Skagerak, also sold by Salcombe Trading in the U.K.

key box with picture of dog

Over in France, Derrière la porte provides this armoire à clés - and here's another design.

red key box

The Schlüsselkasten from HAKU isn't fancy - but it you want something simple with a bit of color, it's ideal. You can also find it in the U.K.

Union Jack key box

Speaking of the U.K., I've already blogged about the amazing key cabinet from the Edward Barnsley Workshop. Here's a very different one - the Union Jack key box.

key box, stainless steel

Blomus is a German company, but its products - including this key box - are widely available.

key cabinet

And finally, here's the Help! key cabinet, from Wrapables in the U.S.

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