Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabulous File Folders: Six Ways to Make Filing More Fun

file folder with fish picture

Hardly anyone enjoys filing - but would it be less repulsive if you had interesting file folders? How about these fish file folders from Waste Not Paper? Update on Sept. 19, 2011: I'm no longer finding these folders for sale.

file folder, green and white pattern

Whitney English has some interesting file folders; one place to buy them is Silver Papery. Update on Oct. 8, 2012: I'm now finding Whitney English file folders — two patterns, but not the one shown above — at Charming Cards.

blue floral file folders

Thomas Paul sells file folders in sets of nine - three each of three patterns. Some places to find them are Velocity Art and Design, Red Stamp, and See Jane Work. Update on Oct. 8, 2012: Thomas Paul has also stopped making file folders.

file folder with green and white pattern

Most of the Filex file folders don't do much for me, personally - but here's one I really do like. You can also find Filex file folders on the Cube-Star web site, and some of them (but not the one shown above) are at See Jane Work. Update on Oct. 8, 2012: See Jane Work no longer carries these products.

pink floral file folder

Caspari is another source of interesting file folders. Update on Oct. 8, 2012: I'm finding some Caspari folders for sale at Office Candy.

map file folders

And finally, over on Etsy, you can get map file folders from Donovan Beeson. Update on Sept. 19, 2011: These don't seem to be available any more.

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13 comments: said...

We have dubbed February filing month at our house. I am creating a new filing system (I never used the old one) and sorting a hug backlog of papers. Ick! I decided I wanted cute file folders but I didn't want to pay a huge amount for them so I made my own. I posted pictures and instructions on my blog

I'm hoping it will make filing a bit more fun around here too.

Judy said...

I love all of those file folders but one that are my personal favorite are the spiral design:


Debbie Jordan Kravitz said...

Love those map folders! Especially for the travel section of my file cabinet.

I did a post on creative filing folders a while ago for people who think of their categories outside of the box. They aren't as pretty as the ones you found, but they do making filing a bit more interesting.

Thanks for passing on the great product links!

Janine Adams said...

Those are lovely, Jeri. I wish I could find more beautiful hanging file folders, which I tend to use a lot. I like the solid colors they have at the Container Store, but I rarely see pretty patterned ones. Perhaps a future blog post idea for you?

Jeri Dansky said...

Amy: Nice job with the file folders! And a nice reminder that those who are crafty can create their own lovely folders.

Judy: It's always nice to see people's favorites - thanks for sharing. That's one of the other ones from Filex that I do like.

Debbie: I remember that post, and those are nice folders. Thanks for reminding us about them.

Janine: Good idea! Like you, I hardly ever see interesting hanging file folders - I'll need to look around.

Donovan Beeson said...

Thanks for including my folders in this great list!

Jeri Dansky said...

Janine, the web site that Judy mentioned, Sorting With Style, has one option for hanging files. You can also see that hanging file folder here and here.

But I'll start a search for other options.

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Oh, you know this post is right up my Office Supply Loving alley.

I love the Damask folders especially.

billf said...

Ya know, I've got manilla folders all over my office. These things would be so cool looking in place of the plain manilla.

Janine Adams said...

I just received an email from Paper Source. I hadn't realized it, but they have some beautiful file folders. Here's my favorite:

Sharon M. Ross said...

I love the folders you posted from Thomas Paul. I clicked on the link and promptly got carried away with all the wonderful things on his website! One of my favourite stationary companies is Calvallini & Co. They make some beautiful file folders as well:

Jeri Dansky said...

Sharon, I think the Cavallini are stunning, too. I mentioned them in a prior post, which is why I didn't list them again. (And it sure is easy to get carried away with the Thomas Paul stuff, isn't it?)

Janine, Papersource is another one I mentioned in an earlier post. I agree - great stuff!

Donovan: Glad to include your very neat folders!

Bill: Personally, I just don't like manila. Most of my file folders are solid colors, not these pretty patterns - but no manila, anywhere. But that's my taste.

Jeri Dansky said...

PenelopeLovesLists: Yes, I sort of expected this post might speak to you!