Friday, February 26, 2010

3 Ideas for Organizing the Paint

Do you have mystery house paint - leftover paint of unknown color, age and usage? Join the crowd!

paint can label

While it's easy enough to label the outside of the can with any basic labeling product, many of us seem to skip that step. So to make things even easier, you could use these paint labels.

Paint Buddy touch-up paint storage

Another interesting idea is to use the Paint Buddy to store touch-up paint. For some reason, this product isn't shown on the manufacturer's web site, but it's still being sold many places on the web.

E-mail update on March 8, 2011 from Shur-Line: This item will ultimately be discontinued. Shur-Line is currently manufacturing this item exclusively for the Ace and Do-It-Best centers.

As Jeanine Brennan wrote on Apartment Therapy: "We used to store old cans of paint for years in the basement just to touch-up after failed picture-hanging projects. But even then we'd procrastinate prying the cans open because it meant stirring old separated paint, and making a big mess just for a little job. Paint Buddy changed our life. Its a touch-up paint roller that keeps paint fresh and is ready in a few shakes and a squeeze." [more information at Business Week]

magnetic paintbrush holder

Want to stay organized while you're painting? The magnetic paintbrush holder might help! [via The Gimpy Girls]

[Photo of paint cans by Haukur Herbertsson, licensed under Creative Commons]


Carmen@Clutterbugs said...

Jeri -

I *heart* your blog! Yours is one of the few organizing blogs I read b/c you always introduce me to new things (like itsagoodidea). :)



C.M. said...

What an excellent tip! And very timely for me. Thank you!

Lee said...

My husband is out ordering paint right now and I'm sure he'd find the labels helpful. We colormatched a color for the walls with one company and now want it colormatched for floor paint from another company.

This isn't about paint. It's a Good Idea, the company who has the magnetic paint brush cllips, also has "The Sidekick", a home organizer and reference book. It keeps all of your information in one place. That would keep me from crawling into the refrigerator every time I need the model number. These would make great wedding presents. Yes, we could make our own, but we usually don't recognize the need for this until we've lost valuable information. That's a small price for not having to deal with loss of time, energy, patience, and money when we can't find the information we need.

joy said...

As always - very enjoyable blog. You can also photo-graph the "recipe" label on each can - with the room name written in frame too. I recently helped a client who has developed severe allergies. If she needs to touch up, she will have to re-paint with VOC products. Digital pics let her keep the info but take the paint to hazardous waste.
Your ancient cans picture is hilarious.

Jeri Dansky said...

Joy: Oh my gosh, that isn't my photo; I forgot to add the photo attribution. I've fixed that now.

Jeri Dansky said...

Carmen: Oh, you made my day!

C.M., you're very welcome; I'm glad it was helpful!

Lee, I agree with all you've said. I almost included such home organizers in this post - but decided to leave that for another day.

Joy, photographing the "recipe" is a fine idea!