Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful Bags for Your Dirty Laundry

polka dot laundry bag with a bow

Dirty laundry is usually kept in hampers, baskets or bags. If you're a laundry-bag type, this post is for you! Let's start out with the laundry bags made by Vintage Yum. Update on June 22, 2012: The Vintage Yum web site has disappeared.

landry bag, floral, rose colors

Pouch provides handmade bags made from vintage fabrics. Update on June 22, 2012: Pouch doesn't seem to make laundry bags any more.

laundry bag

Jennie20 makes laundry bags in 3 sizes, in a wide range of fabrics. Update on July 8, 2010: Jenni is moving her everyday size laundry bags (but not her travel-size laundry bags) to her new site: The Laundry Bag.) Update on June 22, 2012: Neither site has much in the way of laundry bags at this time.

hand wash laundry bag with sheep

Here's a fun bag for separating out any hand washables - made by Ulster Weavers, and also sold by Amy's Gifts. Update on June 22, 2012: This bag is no longer available.

laundry bag with removable stand - becomes a hamper

And finally, Flaura Design makes laundry bags with removable stands. Update on June 22, 2012: There's nothing in the Flaura Design Etsy shop right now.

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Sandra said...

In your searches did you find anything heavy duty that you can wear like a backpack? I tote my laundry to my grandparents' house every weekend, because they are AWESOME enough to let me. :) However, my mesh laundry bags are very, very close to dead.

emily said...


I think you should make one of these and market it. College students would probably love this.

The Accessory Lady said...

I really like the dusty rose one with flowers. Very cute. Hopefully they make laundry a little less tedious! :-)

Jeri Dansky said...

Sandra, would the LaundraPak work for you?