Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bedroom Elegance: The Clothes Valet Stand

clothes stand

A valet stand lets you do "outfit staging" - you can "plan the next day's outfit and ... pull it out of the closet," says Furniture Fashion.

I've seen some pretty special valet stands lately; let's start with the one that Furniture Fashion noted, from Italian designer Porada. This clothes stand is called Clip.

clothes stand

And here's another one from Porada.

wood valet stand and stool

This valet stand and stool, by Buechley Woodworking of New Mexico, is a lovely piece; it's made of maple, padauk and leather.

But the one that really amazed me comes from Australia: the Et Tu valet by designer Simon Alexander Cook. OK, it costs about AUD $3000 (plus delivery charges) - but it's a real work of art, with its boomerang look. And it's made from "urban salvaged timbers of Camphor Laurel (an Asian exotic yet scented ‘weed’ species in Australia), or indigenous Sydney Blue Gum and Blackbutt Eucalypt trees that fall or are demolished in the Sydney City region." Simon promotes his valet as a way to store "those clothes worn again, but not ready for the wash basket." It sure beats the floor, or the treadmill machine!

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SueBK said...

Bit behind :-) The problem with valets (we had one each for years and years) is that they become magnets for clutter and clirty clothes. One of those great ideas in theory.